The Office at Prime : Divine Service at the First Hour (ie. early morning) PDF / LG PDF
The Office at Matins : Divine Service in the Morning
The Office at Terce : Divine Service at the Third Hour (ie. mid-morning) PDF / LG PDF
The Office at Sext : Divine Service at the Sixth Hour (ie. noon) PDF / LG PDF
The Office at None : Divine Service at the Ninth Hour (ie. mid-afternoon)  PDF / LG PDF
The Office at Vespers : Divine Service in the Evening 
The Office at Compline : Divine Service at Night (ie. before sleep) PDF / LG PDF

The Itinerary : Divine Service before travel PDF / LG PDF.

The Offices of the Hours, from the Appendix of Daily Office, Herbert Lindemann, Ed.  ©1965 Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Mo.

From The Lutheran Hymnal (Concordia Publishing House, 1941):
Matins / Vespers for Advent
Matins / Vespers for Christmas
Matins / Vespers for Epiphany
Matins / Vespers for Lent
Matins / Vespers for Easter
Matins / Vespers for Pentecost
Daily Scripture Lectionary from Lutheran Worship
Sunday Scripture Lectionary from Lutheran Service Book
Further information about Matins and Vespers in TLH